Slate Tiles

Slate Tiles provide a rugged and rustic look

Rugged and rustic looking, slate flooring tile is definitely unique and loved by many. The distinctive characteristics are easy to spot and adds to its allure, but the up-keep can be over-whelming… and is a draw back for some consumers…

Slate tiles are available in various colours and finishes that enhance the beauty of the floor. Attractive flooring schemes can be created using these beautiful natural stone colours.

The permanence of a slate makes it a cost effect option. A slate floor is durable, slip resistant and easily maintained. Its combination of hardness and beauty also make it a choice for commercial applications as well as the home. It can hold up to heavy and repeated traffic and still maintain its natural beauty.

Natural slate has a look that cannot be matched using man-made alternatives. Another dimension that can also be added is that of texture; slate is available in a naturally smooth finish or a rougher surface.

Not all slate is alike and the quality can vary widely from soft and crumbly to hard and dense.

Slate is usually thought of as “dreary” gray, but it comes in colors, too! You will find green, blue, black, gray, rust and multicolor of all of them, together.

Most slate must be sealed to prevent staining.  Also, any element that is acidic will cause etching (corrosion) if it comes into contact with slate tiles.

Slate may not be the best choice for large flooring areas because of the the up-keep it requires.