Swimming Pool Tiles

Incorporating glass mosaic tiles into your swimming pool design can make your pool come to life

Incorporating glass mosaic tiles into your swimming pool design can make your pool come to life and give it an exciting lift.  You can either fully tile your pool or incorporate mosaic tile highlights to lift another coating.

A fully tiled pool is regarded as the premium finish for swimming pools due to their appearance and have the added benefit of being the easiest to maintain and the biggest effect on re-sale values of the property.

They are also much easier to clean than cement based rendered surfaces such as pebblecrete used in concrete pools and require far less maintenance.

Mosaic swimming pools of the past often lost their colour and vibrancy after many years use due to the wear of chlorine and sun.  With modern solid colored glass tile you will never have to have your pool walls recoated again. This can save quite a bit of money in the long run.

Glass tile is forever, it will never change its look or loose it’s vibrant color n. Maintenance is a snap as the glass tile is non-pourus and cannot be penetrated by staining from unwanted objects that can wind up in the pool such as leaves.

There are so many colors, sizes and styles available it is sometimes difficult to choose. Some have a reflective quality. They are manufactured using a mirror backing with a transparent colored glass overlay. While some glass mosaics are opaque and others semitransparent. They all have unique qualities that work for many different looks and effects.

There are even photo luminescent tiles that absorb ambient light during the day and then at night they give off that stored up light. Glass mosaics are fantastic for your waterline as opposed to the everyday tiles offered from most pool companies. Some pool tile suppliers have special software that allows you to design your own blend or design of pool tile mosaics.

One feature that colorful mosaics are great for in modern swimming pool design is the vanishing edge. This is usually one side of the pool that has no coping; instead the top of the swimming pool wall is flat and lower than the surrounding coping. The water flows over the top of the wall and down into a reservoir and is recirculated back into the pool, it looks as though the water just vanishes over the edge.

The colorful mosaics also can help to avoid accidents from people jumping into the pool and hitting a step or swim out that cannot be seen because the step or swim out is the same color as the rest of the pool interior. This can be a spine-jarring hazard if you jump in and don’t see the underwater object lurking below. The answer for this is to have your pool contractor install a row or two of the brightly colored tile along the outer edge and in the center of the underwater hazard.

So when you are considering the different options in front of you when you are installing a new pool or remodeling your existing pool, remember the many benefits that glass mosaic tile can provide..